When you decide to commission a
painting, a non-refundable deposit of
50% of the total is due when placing your
order. Portraits requesting personalized
backgrounds will be an additional charge.
Please allow approximately 8-12 weeks
for completion depending on the
complexity of the painting and to allow
drying time. NC sales tax will apply to
local orders.
9 x 12         $  400.00
11 x 14         $  495.00
12 x 16         $  600.00
14 x 18         $  750.00
16 x 20         $  950.00
18 x 24         $1250.00
20 x 24         $1350.00
22 x 30         $1700.00

9 x 12         $  495.00
11 x 14         $  595.00
12 x 16         $  700.00
14 x 18         $  850.00
16 x 20         $1150.00
18 x 24         $1350.00
20 x 24         $1450.00
24 x 30         $2000.00
30 x 40         $2600.00
Commissioning Original Art by Eleanor Davin
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Gift Certificates Available
Have a custom portrait painted of your favorite person, pet, home, vacation spot, business,
seascape, landscape or still life.

Prices listed are for standard painting sizes but custom sizes are also available. Oils are
produced on 100% cotton, oil-primed canvas. Watercolors are created on Arches 100%
cotton, acid-free paper. I use professional artist's quality oils and watercolors. Whatever
medium, the paintings are created using the finest artist materials.

It's always great to meet in person but many times this can't happen because you live out of
town. All I need are some good-quality, digital photos but I can also work with printed photos
if they are clear and sharp. The more reference photos I have to work with, the better.

I start out with the best photo you have of your subject but may borrow pieces from other
photos to create the best composition. For example, a customer really liked the pose of his
dog in one photo but the dog's ears were turned back. I used the photo with the good pose
and used the ears from another photo to create a more pleasing portrait. I received a photo
of a dog who was standing in front of a refrigerator. However, in the painting, I put him
standing in a field of daisies. Maybe you have a photo of your home but want some pretty,
colored flowers added. Anything is possible.

If you need to have the artwork mailed to you, much care will be taken to see that your work
of art is packaged with the utmost protection, however, shipping charges are additional.

Thank you for considering an original painting as a gift to yourself or for others. I know you or
the receiver of the painting will be pleased with a fine work of art and will cherish this
keepsake for many years to come.

Please read my
Testimonials page to see what my clients have written.
Watercolor & Pencil
(Architectural Only)
Shallotte, NC  28470
Phone:  910-795 -7425
email: eleanor@davinstudios.com