Art instruction in Wilmington, NC
First Name:  Kim
Last Name:  Driscoll
Comments:  Working with Eleanor was a pleasure. She was available to answer any of my concerns in a timely fashion and she delivered my
house portrait in the time frame promised. Most importantly, I love the portrait!

First Name:  Kristy
Last Name:  Plonisch
Comments:  My husband contacted Eleanor to do a painting of our house that we just sold and I thought we would grow old in!
I loved that house. The painting is just gorgeous. I love everything about it and my husband said Eleanor was really easy to work with.

First Name:  Katy
Last Name:  Kohut
Comments:  I’ve had an amazing experience with Eleanor. Though I had no previous experience with oil paint, she inspires me to never give up
I’m extremely happy with the work I’ve created and couldn’t have done it without her. I look forward to each and every lesson

First Name:  Katalina
Last Name:  O.
Comments:  I’ve taken learn-to-paint classes before and they are always large and never gave me one-on-one time. Eleanor’s work is fantastic,
truly professional and high end. Taking a private class with her is for those who truly want to discover their hidden talent.

First Name:  Audrey
Last Name:  S.
Comments:  Eleanor was patient and very knowledgeable. I learned many techniques over the course of my lessons that have had an
empowering effect. I now feel confident working with oils. Eleanor is bright and kind. In the future, I hope to work with Eleanor again.

First Name:  Trish
Last Name:  E.
Comments:  Confident and knowledgeable teacher. I learned so much in my first drawing class. Eleanor truly made me feel that I can do this!
Her studio is calming, peaceful and her patience and instructions are wonderful. It’s obvious that she loves what she does.

First Name:  Terry
Last Name:  Marshall
Comments:  Eleanor, I Love my oil painting lessons. You are so patient and dedicated and determined to make me know that, yes, I can paint.
You are truly an artist extraordinaire! Can’t wait to start a new painting.

First Name:  Bobbie
Last Name:  Soukup
Comment:  I’m really enjoying my oil painting lessons. I feel I’m learning so much about technique. It’s like attending a compressed art school :)
Even better, you have a finished product! Thanks so much, Eleanor, for being so patient with me as I learn to paint.

First Name:  Andrew
Last Name:  Huff
Comments:  Your painting classes have been amazing. Before your classes I had no idea I was even capable of such talent.

First Name:  Sharon
Last Name:  Fennell
Comments:  I am totally blown away by your amazing talent. WOW, WOW, WOW!

First Name:  Margaret
Last Name:  M.
Comments:  Eleanor, I learned so much from you while taking classes in oil painting. You are so patient, and made me feel at ease. You are so
gifted! I have recommended you to others for lessons, and your paintings are just beautiful! I look forward to taking more classes.

First Name:  Allison
Last Name:
 I highly recommend Eleanor as an instructor! She is extremely talented, knowledgeable and patient. I've enjoyed all of our lessons
together learning and practicing the art of oil painting.

First Name:  Erica
Last Name:  Rodgers
Comments:  Eleanor, your attention to detail and perfection turned a simple picture of Bailey into an AMAZING portrait that my mom is going to
love. It was such a pleasure working with you and you truly have a talent like no other. Thanks for everything!!

First Name:  Sandy
Comments:  If there are calories in eye candy, then let me get fat. Eleanor, your work is absolutely beautiful.

First Name:  Lori
Last Name:  
 I just bought the Sunflower Fields print! I absolutely love it. I saw Eleanor’s art on a friend’s page, and was quite taken. I just love her
style and use of color. Talented woman...lovely work.

First Name:  Kathy
Last Name:  Ward
Comments:  O gosh, Eleanor, your paintings have taken my breath away!!! What a beautiful talent you have. Your admirer, Kathy Ward.

First Name:  Christy
Comments:  Eleanor’s print of Fort Fisher made an exceptionally romantic wedding gift for my niece. She became engaged on the shore by the
rocks that are in the painting. Eleanor’s bright and beautiful prints are a special gift idea that I would recommend to others.

First Name:  Sarah
Comments:  “Its A Beautiful Day” sang to me. It evoked my nostalgic feelings for the shore, and I felt an immediate connection with it.
Thank you, Eleanor!

First Name:  Lee
Last Name:  M.
Comments:  Eleanor is one of the earth’s rarest jewels. She is an astonishingly graceful, elegant, gifted, intelectual, knowledgeable, and a
masterful artist. Eleanor is an extraordinary art instructor. She has redefined the art of teaching. I have learned so much.

First Name:  Reenie
Last Name:  Craven
Comments:  We absolutely love our painting of St. Mary’s Church and the Carroll House in Annapolis you created for us. It’s gorgeous...the detail
incredible...a new family heirloom. Thank you.

First Name:  Marilyn
Last Name:  Martino
Comments:  Eleanor did a home portrait for me to give to my son as a gift. She was so accommodating and helpful during the entire process.
Everyone who has seen it agrees it is a gorgeous watercolor. The attention to detail is amazing. My son was thrilled with it.

First Name:  Lori
Last Name:  Johnson.
Comments:  I adore the Night on the Town print that I have in my guest room. Everyone comments about it upon entering that room. My newest
favorite is Beach Umbrellas. Glad we met in Wilmington!

First Name:  Bobby
Last Name:  Bryant
Comments:  Great artist and was very easy to work with. She has a very good business process and I would recommend her business to all.
I will no doubt ask her for more assistance when the time comes.

First Name:  Meredith
Last Name:  Hampton
Comments:  As a gift to my husband, who is about to deploy to Iraq, Eleanor created a digital picture that incorporated a real photograph of us
with an image of our dream house. The final product was simply amazing - it had so many small details that showed Eleanor’s talent.

First Name:  Cheryl
Last Name:  Preston  
Comments:  You have quite a talent! I hope I can help get the word out what a fine artist you are!

First Name:  William & Patricia
Last Name:  Dockery
Comments:  We are the parents of the Huskie, named Sheba on your page with other pets. Sheba is now 11 1/2 years old and spry as a five yr.
old. Thank you for displaying her picture.

First Name:  Temple
Last Name:  Richmond
Comments:  How talented you are! Magnificent images, these! I think you should prosper wherever you may go. I just wonder if enough golfers
have seen the 7th hole piece. They would go crazy! It is charming, as are all the compositions. Everything is just lovely.

First Name:  Lisa
Last Name:  Bourgeois
Comments:  Eleanor, Just wanted to thank you again for the picture you did of our dogs, Brandie and Sadie. We love the portrait. You did such a
wonderful job. It looks just like them! Everyone who sees it is amazed at how well you captured their personalities.
First Name: Donna
Last Name:  Ratliff
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed painting with Eleanor. This was my first time painting with oils. Eleanor was very helpful in listing the supplies I
needed for the classes, flexible with my time schedule, and patient with the process of teaching this 50+ year old beginner. I learned about mixing
color, value, and different brushes and techniques. From sketching out the initial shapes on the canvas to cleaning brushes afterward, every
session was informative, professional and enjoyable. Eleanor is a talented and experienced artist who skillfully passes along her knowledge of the
painting process. Money and time well spent!

First Name: Jennifer
Last Name:  Andrews
Comments: My husband bought me a gift certificate from Eleanor at Davin Studios for our second anniversary (best gift ever!). Over the course of
a few weeks, Eleanor transformed me from a wannabe painter into a real artist! She taught me everything from the basics to advance. I selected
our beach walk on Figure Eight Island as the subject for my first painting – a bit daunting at first but definitely rewarding as I saw it coming together
under Eleanor’s tutelage. It really is an amazing piece of art (even if I do say so myself!) and both my husband and I are thrilled! I couldn't be
happier with my lessons as I now have the skills to create my own gorgeous works of art for years to come. I highly recommend Eleanor as a
fantastic teacher and inspiring artistic mentor!”

First Name:  Michelle
Last Name:  Ly
Comments:  Painting with Eleanor was such a wonderful experience!  She was so patient and never let me give up on my painting.  She definitely
has a way of finding the artistic side of people.  Having never painted with oils before, I feel confident that I can embark on my own projects with
the skills Eleanor has taught me.  I would love to paint with her again!

First Name:  Darlene
Last Name:  Courtemanche
Comments:  Eleanor is an amazing artist and teacher. I was completely amazed by the results of my painting under her direction and will continue
to learn all I can from her. I have a great time when I am there!

First Name:  Jill
Last Name:  Gatto
Comments:  I loved this workshop! Eleanor is a very good teacher. I have never painted and I felt so at ease and had such a good time. I am so
proud of my painting! Thank you Eleanor!!! 5 stars!!

First Name:  Mitzi
Last Name:  Daughtry
Comments:  Eleanor did a fantastic job on the wedding portrait that she painted of my daughter’s wedding. I would highly recommend her to
anyone interested in a painting of their wedding. She was so kind and thorough making sure the portrait details were exactly right.

First Name:  Judy
Last Name:  Hahaj
Comments:  Eleanor, thank you for the painting workshop I attended. With no art experience I was skeptical I could do it. I had a wonderful time,
made friends and now have a lovely picture that amazes my family. It was great fun and you made the time so relaxed.

First Name:  Carolyn
Last Name:  Gannon
Comments:  Your workshop was so helpful and motivating. After playing around with paints for a long time, I see that there is so much I can learn
from you. Thank you.

First Name:  Kyle
Last Name:  S.  
Comments:  Very knowledgeable and experienced artist. Highly recommended!
Shallotte, NC
Phone:  910-795 -7425