Painting is my passion and I can't imagine life without paints and brushes. When I paint, I'm taken to
another place where nothing matters but creating and watching a blank canvas come to life. It's my
meditative time and my refuge especially when life takes a path of uncertainty. Sometimes life can be
stressful and painting provides an escape for awhile. I'd love for you to have this same experience.
  • Have Fun
  • Meet New Friends
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Maximum 6  Per Class (Min. 3)
  • Individual Attention
  • Comfortable Setting
  • Beginners to Advanced
  • Learn Painting Tips & Techniques
  • Bring Your Own Beverage/Snack
  • Host A Private Party or Fundraiser
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Paint Party in Wilmington, NC
Apples and Pottery Painting
Moon over the ocean painting
Swan Painting
Starry Night Painting
Magnolia Painting
Paint Party Workshop in Wilmington, NC
(plus NC Sales Tax)
Includes All Art Supplies
Have fun and meet new friends. I teach these classes in
my home in a comfortable setting. Discover how to paint
nature, animals, still life and more. I'll walk you through
step by step as I paint along with you. I'll stop to help if
you need it. Learn tips and techniques to create your
All materials including canvas, paints,
brushes and an apron are provided.
The workshop is
approximately five-six hours in length but the time moves
so quickly. We'll take breaks so please bring a drink and
a snack for yourself!

Wishing you fun, laughter, joy, relaxation and welcome to
my studio!

Eleanor Davin
This is a paint party but it's also a learning time. It's a paint party workshop
designed to be fun while bringing out the artist in you!

If this is your first time painting, all you need is the desire to learn. If you've
painted before, you could share your experience with new artists at the
workshop. Each painting you do moves you to do the next. You learn and
grow from every painting you create and that makes you a better artist.
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